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Designing a smarter internal job board platform to boost internal recruitment.

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Ouzin is a B2B SaaS that provides companies a generative AI-based internal HR management platform. The product is built to boost internal recruitment efforts by addressing the challenges associated with internal hiring.


As the sole designer, I collaborate closely with a team of product managers and business analysts to ideate and design solutions for the product. My responsibilities consists of research, prototyping, user testing, and iterating with clients to create high-fidelity prototypes.




UI/UX Designer

Team Size





Figma, Respondent

The Challenge

While internal hiring has universally-recognized benefits, it only makes up 12% of all recruitment; the challenge is to design an internal management software that solves the pain points of internal hiring.

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The Pain Points

Through user research, four major pain points were identified: Lack of discoverability for employees, fear of signaling disinterest to managers, the lack of novelties, and the complexity of surfacing internal matches.

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The Solution

An all-in-one internal management software that tackles the four pain points of internal hiring while also empowering employees, hiring managers, and HR alike.

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The Results

HR, managers, and employees were impressed with many features and the ease of use of the product

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