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UI/UX case study

Zoom Redesign

Designing a screen-shot embedded note-taking feature for Zoom

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Team project for Design for Future course





UX Designer

6 weeks (November 2021)



Nicole Tran, Morgan Li, Connor Isenman, Mengyuan Zhang



Users of Zoom often experience a cognitive overload or encounter slips easily due to such a tedious workflow and many interactions ends up being counterintuitive and counterproductive. If a user wants to note-take during a Zoom meeting often involves switching between multiple applications. These complicated interactions are required in order to achieve very simple intentions.


Reduce cognitive overload and slips by facilitating easy note-taking and better context based-communication by designing a screenshot-enabled note taking feature.

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 3.08 1.png
Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 3.07 1.png

Note taking menu bar the right side of the window

Screenshot and editing menu

Competitive Analysis
Competitive Analysis

Google Docs

  • Advantages

    • Easy to convert into PDF or other file types

    • Live collaboration 

    • Online storage for the documents

  • Limitations

    • Split-screen in order to take notes (difficult to view/note take while in the conference call)

    • Constantly switching between windows (Zoom to watch → Google Doc to note take → Back to Zoom → Back to Google Doc)

    • Tedious functioning on smaller devices when on Zoom and Google Doc (mobile, iPad)

    • Must go back and open both Zoom recording and Google Doc to review past video

    • No synchronization between specific note section and Zoom time frame


  • Advantages

    • Easy screenshot and annotation to facilitate live streaming process

    • Allows direct communication between participants and host: send screenshot to chat function

  • Limitations

    • Does not allow screenshots to be used personally: compiling and editing them into notes

    • Does not extract image or transcript separately 

    • Mostly beneficial for visual art related streaming process



Desktop - 5.png

Note-taking Features


  • Allows for direct screenshot inputting

  • Simultaneous note-taking alongside Zoom call

    • No switching between Zoom and note taking 

    • Especially useful on smaller devices


  • No collaborative functions

  • Limited fonts and colors to save the space

Desktop - 2.png

Notes Collection Features


  • Creation of multiple notes

  • Notes synchronize with the timestamp of Zoom call

  • Easy to convert into PDF or other file types

  • Send notes to another user



  • Selecting and using features takes too many clicks

  • Single notes may be preferred over having multiple notes

Frame 31.png

Screen-shot menu Features


  • Real-time screenshot for editing

  • Easy to compile into notes or files and sends to chat

  • Easy to convert into PDF or other file types

  • Extracts transcripts


  • Menu overlays on the of the Zoom window

  • May be slower than Windows snipping tool

Hi-fi Prototype
Hi-fi Prototype
Frame 144.png
Frame 118.png
Frame 143.png
Next Step
Next Step

For our next steps, we’ve thought about further improving our design first by doing more user testing for an even more efficient note-taking system and flow. Also we would want to experiment more with the potential HCI technology used to facilitate a smoother Zoom experience, for example, using natural language processing to detect critical date and event information for setting automatic calendar events.

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